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[syll. sia, si-a]


The original language of Sia is Hebrew and Arabic. In Hebrew, its meaning is "help".



.Anyone wishing to access homeownership is entitled to support, and help to develop sound financial management, despite a bump in the road.





You are a broker, trustee or other professional working with a newcomer or a self-employed worker?
Your client is a homeowner who because of his financial situation is no longer able to refinance his house?
Perhaps you are an individual who filed for a consumer proposal or even a bankruptcy, and you need to repair your credit or increase your down payment?
Know that we are here to assist you through our 360° Rent to own program tailored to your situation.

If you reached a point where you are no longer capable of making your mortgage payments and you are close to receiving a 60-day notice, or your lender may have already submitted it to you, contact us now to assess your options and to stop foreclosure proceedings rapidly.




Who can qualify for the program?
Anyone with a steady family income of at least $ 65,000. This amount is subject to change according to the value of the desired property.
Is a deposit required?
Yes, without exception! The minimum deposit is 10% of the value of the desired property. Depending on your financial situation and your ability to pay rent, we can adjust the minimum deposit required.
What are the terms?
A rent-to-own option has a term of 1 to 3 years, giving you time to improve your credit rating and/or to raise enough funds for your down payment.
How will you help me restore my credit
and increase my down payment?
By no means, you will be left on your own. You will meet one of our consultants in the beginning of the process to define the requirements to meet, in order to buy your home. You will also have to attend meetings so we can follow up on your file and adjust our plan if needed.
How much will I buy the property for?
Note that the amount is known before signing our contracts and the price does not exceed your capacity of payment which is based on your family income.
I am interested! Where do we begin?
Contact us today or fill out our formulaire. We will contact you to arrange a meeting, after assessing your application.



For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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